Growing Happy and Effective Leaders

We all want to experience the joy of reaching the summit. Mountain 2 Coaching (M2C) develops interdependent leaders who enjoy their work using data and proven executive coaching methods and tools. Our clients have a clear vision for what the view from the top looks like for them and are on a journey to get there.

We guide our clients on their career journey, like Sherpas, who guide climbers up Mount Everest. Greg Steiner, our founder, brings 30 years of “real world” experience to M2C. Greg has a passion for developing leaders and has built Mountain 2 Coaching from what he has learned from his career:

Coaching Works

Our clients learn that the skills that got them to where they are now will not get them to where they need to be.

High performers do not automatically become good leaders. Coaching from M2C is a long-term 1-1 mentoring relationship that focuses on self-awareness, overcoming obstacles, goal-setting, and accountability. This personal touch provides a more valuable experience than other leadership development activities and delivers many benefits.

M2C offers executive coaching services tailored to help people make the transition from successful independent individual contributors to accountable leaders who properly balance completing assigned tasks with building positive business relationships. Greg has seen this work in his career and in the careers of the many people he has coached and mentored.

Seek Joy

Our clients understand what conditions create meaning and joy for them. This allows them to intentionally manage their day-to-day activities to their advantage and engage with their work.

At Mountain 2 Coaching, happiness and effectiveness are two of our favorite words. We believe they are two sides of the same coin. Awareness of their blind spots allows our clients to understand where they need to develop new skills to thrive in new areas. Understanding their interests directs their career path toward roles that provide a purpose rather than just providing a paycheck.

Learning how to work interdependently results in our clients multiplying productivity while achieving control of their schedule, leading to improved satisfaction with their work. We built our coaching approach on this foundation because it works.

Stories are Powerful

Our clients fully understand why they do what they do and can tell you about it. They have rumbled through their story and thought it through to the end. They own it. As a result, they understand their roles and can set goals with intention.

All stories have three parts, like acts in a play. Act I introduces our hero. Our hero faces Act II challenges and then overcomes them in Act III, hopefully resulting in a happy ending. Many of us remain in a perpetual Act I because we are afraid to leave our comfort zone. Mountain 2 Coaching challenges our clients to grow, to write their happy ending, and build a plan to see it through.

Everest climbers are inspiring because they can tell you their story. They can tell you why they took on the challenge, what obstacles they had to overcome, and what they expected to see when they got there. We wrote the Mountain 2 story for those who want to see the view from the top.

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