Our mission statement at Mountain 2 Coaching is:

“To grow happy and effective leaders who own their career stories.”

Mountain 2 Coaching has developed its coaching methodology to nurture and maintain a growth mindset. Our clients take on challenges, work hard, and achieve more.

We rely on proven coaching tools and methods and supplement this with published knowledge backed by scientific research. We tailor this information to your specific needs using the data we gather and deliver results that work for you. There is a tremendous amount of information out there. Finding out what to do isn’t hard. In our busy lives, we struggle with finding the courage to reject the fixed mindset and embrace the possibilities of growth.

Growth is hard work. Our clients are the people with the courage to step into the arena. M2C provides the tools and guidance to allow you to avoid slipping into survival mode. You will find fulfillment as you survive the ups and downs you face on your journey in pursuit of joy.

Our method revolves around your story. It is designed to guide and support you, the one who survives the ups and downs “in the Arena” to grow and succeed. Here are the four phases of the M2C approach:

1. Finding your Why and How

We start all of our M2C coaching engagements by exploring your personal story to document your underlying motivations and how you act. More...

We identify who and what has influenced you and understand how milestones in your life have impacted your career. We discuss both what a good day and a bad day look for you and how you went down one path instead of the other.

We come out of this understanding your “why it matters” and the components of your behavior (how you act):

  • Your Personality Profile that captures your interests, your usual behavior, your needs and how you act under stress
  • The Core Values you use to guide how you make decisions
  • Your Strengths, Weaknesses and the conditions that determine which of these behaviors show up in your day-to-day interactions

Getting to this is hard work and typically involves several iterations. At M2C, we believe the truth lies somewhere between the stories you tell from memory and the data we can gather. We work with you to figure out the difference. The result is that “aha moment” where you have a more accurate and useful story you can share with others and guide you in your career decisions.

When completed, you have a thorough understanding of yourself. We make the information concise and in your own words so that you can memorize it. You create a powerful 1-page document that describes the unique operating system you have that will help you manage yourself and relate to others:

Greg’s “One Pager”

2. leadership coaching

Once we have established this comprehensive picture of how you operate, we go to work on improving your leadership skills and improving your IOB score, your impact on business. More...

First, we develop strategies for you to use in your day-to-day life to allow you to play to your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Then, we work on necessary behaviors for becoming effective leaders, such as communicating expectations and managing perceptions. Finally, we select specific organizational and relational areas to work on that will have the most impact for you, like time management or creating enthusiasm.

3. Owning your story

Now, we start preparing to leave Base Camp and head up the mountain. More...

We build a map from where you came from to where you are now and a vision for the future. We do this by summarizing each phase into four key roles that define your focus and how you contributed to each. We discuss how these roles evolve and identify your top priority goals to excel in your current and future roles. We figure out a realistic timetable for your journey for the top.

Once we have gone through this effort, you will be able to articulate a vision and a plan, built using your unique experience and desires for the future. It is not a wish list based on hope and aspiration. You will have a concise list of skills and behaviors that you need to learn, sustain, accept, limit, or eradicate.

4. Ongoing Accountability

An ongoing coaching relationship provides the structure for you to follow and keep you on track and accountable. More...

Remember, you are on a journey. Goals and plans require maintenance as the ebbs and flows of your career unfold. Otherwise, they become out of date and forgotten. You are in charge and have the tools you need from the previous phases. Mountain 2 Coaching provides structure and a sounding board as you work your way to the summit.