Mountain 2 Coaching offers its services to companies to develop its leaders and to individuals who want to take charge of their careers on their own. We love working in both types of arrangements and divide our time equally to each:

  • For companies, we will work with you to build cohorts of existing and developing leaders. The result is that coaching will become part of your culture. Using a combination of the services below, we will deliver results quickly and maximize the reach of your investment in coaching.
  • For individuals, we will customize a coaching plan that fits for you. We understand that you are busy and may need to meet outside of regular work hours. Our goal is to participate in your long-term success and to keep you moving forward toward your goals. You will see the cost of coaching pay off through better satisfaction in your work as well as monetary rewards through improved performance and leadership opportunities.

Mountain 2 Coaching would be honored to serve you in any, all or a combination of the following offerings:

1. 1-On-1 Executive Coaching

Coaching engagements at Mountain 2 Coaching follow the Sherpa Coaching process. Sherpa Coaching is a proven, published process frequently engaged to assist people who need leadership development, are in transition (a new job or promotion), or face a specific problem or challenge.

Sherpa Coaching provides a structured, process-driven experience focused on results.  More...

At Sherpa, executive coaching means regular meetings between a business leader and a trained facilitator, designed to produce positive changes in business behavior in a limited time frame.

Mountain 2 Coaching is certified to facilitate the Sherpa coaching process and fully embraces the Sherpa Philosophy in all of our coaching engagements.

Coaching can correct weaknesses that hurt a leader’s relationships. More often, coaching develops rising stars and makes sure a succession plan works well. Sherpa Coaching has excellent coaching materials and tools to support the coaching engagement.

A Certified Sherpa Coach can produce positive, permanent changes in business behavior in just 90 days. The certification process is thorough and intense, with a combination of classroom teaching, online study, and supervised practicum client engagements. Annual recertification with continuing education is required. Greg has been certified and stays engaged with the Sherpa worldwide community of coaches.

2. Personality and 360-Degree Assessments

Mountain 2 Coaching uses the Birkman Method and its Birkman Signature Report to provide our clients with a detailed assessment of their interests and personality. We offer this as a stand-alone offering or as part of our Executive Coaching engagements.

Since 1951, Birkman has helped people and organizations improve performance through our extensive behavioral and occupational assessment – The Birkman Method. More...

The Birkman Method encourages personal growth by acknowledging your strengths and challenges alike. Individuals and teams benefit from The Birkman Method through better communication and a clearer understanding of people’s Interests, Needs, Usual Behaviors, and Stress Behaviors.

Birkman uses science, validated through over 65 years of research. M2C prefers The Birkman Method over other assessments for the following reasons:

  • Its comprehensive approach of assessing nine different behavioral components relevant to your performance. They serve as a reference point in our discussions regarding your strengths and weaknesses.
  • It provides useful information on your interests and career areas you may want to explore.
  • It is the only assessment that uncovers your underlying needs, which help you understand what triggers stress behavior when left unmet.
  • The Birkman 360 can be used in our engagements as an additional data point, providing other’s perceptions of your behavior.

Certification is required to administer the Birkman Signature Report due to its complexity. Greg has completed the Birkman Signature Certification is a Birkman Certified Professional.

Having your team complete Birkman assessments is a great team-building tool to improve communications and improve relationships. It also can be used for leadership development, talent selection, and career planning. Mountain 2 Coaching has expertise in all of these areas and can help your company improve its culture using this powerful tool.

For individuals, completing the Birkman is a great way to gather a tremendous amount of information about yourself at a reasonable cost. M2C can administer the assessment to you and meet with you to go over the results and discuss your career strategy.

3. Goal Setting & Accountability

Mountain 2 Coaching embraces long-term relationships and offers a tailored plan to all of our clients who have completed a coaching engagement. More...

We believe that this multiplies the benefits of coaching by providing the structure needed for you to implement the changes we have identified, nurture a habit of setting and reaching goals to continue growing and to support you during the ups and downs of your career.

We hold regular follow-up meetings. We review progress toward agreed goals, agree to goals moving forward and assign self-study for leadership development, and update coaching materials (as needed).

The pace is much less frequent than a coaching engagement. Goal setting occurs quarterly. Check-in meetings are an option between quarters. Unlimited phone and email coaching support are provided between sessions to address unexpected career issues that arise. You drive the schedule and the pace.

4. Leadership Development training

Mountain 2 Coaching offers two leadership development training offerings, both designed to build high performing teams. Both can be delivered on-site or remotely, separately or together. More...

Sherpa Coaching Skills for High Performance

This 16-hour course teaches your leaders to identify coaching moments. Employee engagement and productivity will soar. Based on years of global research on leadership and coaching, Coaching Skills for High Performance has been endorsed and offered by several leading universities, selected as groundbreaking, ‘best in class’ material. It is designed for managers and executives of the same rank, whether they work closely together or not.

Senior managers and executives who are untrained in coaching skills tend to micro-manage rather than lead. Specifically, they deliver expectations poorly and fail to hold people accountable. They may also act unpredictably or appear to show favoritism in their decision-making. What’s the result? People become stressed, unhappy, or completely disengaged. Coaching Skills for High Performance changes the game for managers and teaches them how to lead from a coaching perspective.

Managers learn how to empower employees, leading them to find answers independently. They learn how to create a positive impact on business (IOB), resulting in higher morale, productivity, better communication, and effective delivery of expectations and accountability.

Birkman High Performing Teams

This 8-hour course offers a unique team learning experience that combines foundational team concepts with principles of personality and perception from The Birkman Method. Team members establish a shared knowledge of concepts, then apply those concepts in the unique context of their personality traits and assimilated team traits.

First, team members study the benefits of a common purpose and an environment of Clarity and Psychological Safety. Then they learn about the Birkman dimensions of Usual Behavior (strengths and overused strengths), Interests, and Needs. Teams explore these dimensions both at an individual and team level. This approach allows participants to gain an awareness and appreciation of different styles and perspectives—resulting in a healthier, more productive team. In the final exercise, groups assimilate the most significant information discovered in the workshop to create an action plan with objectives and deliverables targeted towards improving team performance.

5. consulting

Mountain 2 Coaching provides consulting services to your organization to help you identify, nurture, and improve your corporate culture. Greg has extensive experience in building teams and transforming organizations by clearly defining your company’s core values and integrating them into your recruiting, onboarding, staffing, succession planning, and performance management processes.