Our Story


Every summer, crowds of climbers go to Nepal and attempt to climb Mount Everest. Those who commit to the process and follow the course they set for themselves by doing the training make it to the top. The native guides that assist climbers to the top of Everest are called Sherpas. Sherpas are accustomed to the altitude, can predict bad weather, know the terrain, offer ideas, and are unobtrusive unless they have a specific thought to share.

Mountain 2 Coaching is here to be your guide, your Sherpa. We help you take ownership of your plan and prepare you to climb your Everest, whatever that may be. Greg Steiner is our Founder and President. Greg’s motivation for creating Mountain 2 Coaching is to build a great company by helping you find out what makes you great and challenging you to do it in your career. Greg believes this will provide you both happiness and meaning while delivering positive results to both you and those you serve.

The Two Mountains

Greg reads a lot of non-fiction books. Two of the books that inspired our company name and mission are The Happiness Curve by Jonathan Rauch and The Second Mountain by David Brooks. In the first 30 years of his career, Greg did all of the things you are supposed to do to achieve success. However, he never quite seemed to be fulfilled. Each job he took started with great promise and opportunities to grow, but he often ended up unsatisfied as his roles evolved further away from his interests and often in conflict with his values. It turns out this is very common and that there was research to back it up. The chart below depicts the level of happiness for a typical professional through their career:

Notice that it looks like two mountains. In the first mountain, we seek accomplishments by doing all the things we are supposed to do to achieve success. We accumulate skills and are awarded for our mastery of these skills. Then we seem to find our way into a valley where those skills aren’t rewarded as they once were. On top of that, the challenges of life settle in. Eventually, we take ownership of our situation and start climbing again.

In our second mountain, we focus on what we want to do. We bring with us all the skills we learned as we climbed the first mountain, but we must master new skills and disciplines to get to the top. Here we experience meaning and a renewed sense of purpose. Building relationships is more important than achievement. Success is no longer about our accomplishments, but the ones of those that we influence.

Your Everest is different from everyone else’s, and you do not have to experience the same happiness curve. By taking ownership of your story, focusing on what it takes to reach the summit and becoming accountable, our clients can shorten or eliminate their time in the valley and rise above the “Joy Line” to experience the spectacular views from the top:

The Journey

We believe those who want to get to the top of Mount Everest and are willing to do the work will succeed. The hard part is deciding what success will look like for you and taking the first step up the mountain. We will challenge you to figure out a vision, agree to a plan, start your climb, and stay on track.

Our goal isn’t to help you change jobs. You probably have a great job already and work with great people. With improved self-awareness and a focused path for the remainder of your career, you will be able to align your values with those of your company, build lasting relationships, and engage effectively in a shared mission. You will hold yourself accountable for your career and craft roles for yourself that brings you a sense of purpose, not just a paycheck. Becoming a leader is no longer a promotion for you to achieve, but a result of being someone others wish to follow. Our goal is for you to enjoy the journey.